My name is James Hooper. I’m a father to an awesome son, husband to an awesome wife, and live in Portland, Or.

Tinkering with wood, nails, screws, glue, and tools is my escape. A few years ago, my wife and I needed a new dining room table. We wanted something big enough to entertain friends and family with food and games. The hunt was on. I used to work at Restoration Hardware, and there were some tables I really like there, but the price for these tables were more than two thousand dollars. Cheaper tables were poorly made, and I knew that they would most likely not last long.

Rachel asked if I could build us one, and, to be completely honest, my first thought was no way, there was no way I could build something that would last. After searching for a long time and our existing table biting the dust (the legs gave in), we were in a position where we NEEDED a table. So I searched some plans, spoke to friends and started building a Farm House style dining room table.

 It cost a few hundred dollars and was really surprised at the outcome. As a matter of fact I posted it on the  DIY Facebook page of Anna-White and got over 45 comments.  I had friends asking me if I could build it for them.

Fast forward and I wanted to build a Factory Cart Style  coffee table. But again, the prices for these things were about nine hundred. I found an old dolly, some (really) old wood and built the coffee table. It looked awesome in our living room, but something was telling me to put it on Craigslist to sell. Less than 24 hours and multiple inquiries later, and it was sold. It took me telling several people it was sold before I had an idea. I called one person back and said I could build them one. Within two days, I had three orders. In addition, the person who bought the first table asked me to build two matching side tables.

This is not a business for me. I simply have a hobby of tinkering with wood and if someone wants to pay me for something that comes out of my garage, I consider that a blessing.

That’s my story.


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